“Good” to Go

I’m sure you have heard when talking to a dog breeder, owner, or handler – “He’s a good dog!” “Her hips are good.” or “He’s from good lines.” Did you understand what that person meant when you heard these statements? Because I usually don’t. Northwest Guardians Gratuity – 2019 Sarplaninac So what does “GOOD” really… Continue reading “Good” to Go

Crossbreed vs Purebreed

Alright, let’s do this. Why do people crossbreed LGD x LGD? (Because outcrossing is a whole different topic for another day. Maybe later in the day. Past 5 PM when drinking is socially acceptable.) 1. “Availability” This was more of an issue 10 years ago when I was searching for a working line LGD around… Continue reading Crossbreed vs Purebreed

Health Testing – to DNA and Beyond

We have received multiple inquiries from our clients and friends in the last few days regarding the DNA panels our dogs participate in. Many of the same questions and concerns repeated by multiple parties. This post will serve as our official position statement on Health Testing (DNA and beyond) in canines so it is all… Continue reading Health Testing – to DNA and Beyond

Born to be Wild: Solutions

Please read the first post, Born to be Wild: Predator where I gave my take on an adult LGD and her puppies being killed by wolves. Today, let’s look at preventative measures that producers can use to mitigate our losses and set our animals up for success. I mentioned the two primary characteristics that govern a… Continue reading Born to be Wild: Solutions

Born to be Wild: Predator

A 3 year-old post has resurfaced in the livestock guardian dog circles across the internet recently. Normally, this is something I don’t even notice, much less give a second thought to. Who cares if something that happened a few years ago is being brought up? It’s probably still relevant… right? Not always. So you can… Continue reading Born to be Wild: Predator

Breed Profile: Šarplaninac

AKA: Illyrian Shepherd, Macedonian ShepherdNicknames: Shar, Sar, Sarpla The Šarplaninac land race/breed originates in the Balkans, dating well before the Holy Roman Empire. Back when the region was called “Illyria,” these dogs roamed with their owners and their flocks of sheep. Traditional shepherd’s dogs, the Shars were selectively bred to perform guardian work integral to… Continue reading Breed Profile: Šarplaninac