Background Story…

We moved to Montana with 11 registered dairy goats in 2010 and brought home our first LGD pup the same day. We knew we needed to protect our investments from the local predator population of wolves, bears, and cougars. Since then, our operation has grown leaps and bounds.

Northwest Guardians is based in Western Montana. We raise Katahdin hair sheep, Kunekune pigs, and rare breed poultry.  Because of the high value of our livestock, we see the return on investment that a well-bred LGD has to offer. By maintaining a pack of guardians, we curb the likelihood of stock injury and loss from the local predators.

This website was our digital home where you could find information and pictures of our livestock guardian dogs. Since 2020, we have transitioned from LGD crosses and Sarplaninac dogs to working and raising AKC Anatolian Shepherd dogs.  You can see our current dogs and program at Apex Anatolians.

If you have any questions, is the best point of contact. We have a huge passion for our animals and enjoy talking about them.

Severine, AKC Anatolian
Tanner, AKC Anatolian

When Security Means Everything

Your Livestock and Family Deserve the Best

Northwest Guardians dogs have the characteristics needed to protect what matters most.

90+ lbs

to take on all threats

Double Coat
to thrive out in all weather

Defense Drive
to protect what is theirs

Health-Tested and Cleared Parents for peace of mind

to maintain course

Family Raised
Kid Approved

Where are our Pups Now?

Montana, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, Kentucky, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Canada, and beyond!

Liz G.

At night time we have coyotes and other critters about. When he hears anything he doesn’t like he’ll bark to deter the threat away. I love that he doesn’t run off into the darkness and get himself into trouble. He stays close to the house to make sure we are safe, looping around the chicken coop every so often. With him outside I can get a full night’s rest without worrying about my flock getting hurt.
One of the most amazing things to note about Northwest Guardians is their helpfulness. Natalie has given me so much advice for Knight, the chickens, potential future goats. She was also available on Christmas when I had an emergency and spoke with me on the phone to walk me through what I should do for a minor injury when a gate fell on Knight’s foot. She even followed up later to make sure everything was still going okay (he made a full recovery, of course). I appreciate her help so much!

Cassie S.

We are so happy with our 2017 Duke x Infi pup. Our Bear, formerly known as Seal, is the perfect fit for our small farm. He is now 7 months old and a joy! He is ever observant over our property, watching vigilantly and alerting to arrival of people and/or predators on his turf. He is a quiet partner in the pastures with our sheep. Bears heart however, is with his people. Which is the reason Natalie matched him to our family. I am so impressed with how she analyzes each pup for personality and working traits. Bear is loyal, gentle and playful with our child and ourselves. You will not approach her undeterred by the Bear. I have found him to be easy to socialize and has an excellent recall. I so appreciate the breeding Natalie has so conscientiously developed. It has been great to have her so readily available for questions, and to bounce ideas off of. I would happily recommend her as your first option for an LGD breeder.