Kunekune Litters Spring 2018

We are so happy to announce that we have 11 Registerable Kunekune piglets on the farm this Spring! A few will be show/breeding quality and the rest will go at pet/meat pricing. Pet males will go home neutered (barrow) and be unable to breed. Pet females will go without registration and on a spay contract.

AKPR registration, including VGL UC Davis DNA profile is included with select exceptional piglets. Pricing is individual

Beyonce, Wilsons Gina, AKPR 3780
4/27/2018 – 3 piglets, 1 gilt (retained), 2 boars (1 sold, 1 available)

Cali, Tapeka, AKPR 3523
4/30/2018 – 2 piglets, 2 boars (1 reserved pet, 1 available pet/meat)

Stealtha, Kereopa, AKPR 4260
5/3/2018 – 6 piglets 3 gilts (1 reserved, 2 available 1 breeder/1 pet/meat), 3 boars (3 available, 1 possible boar, 2 pet/meat)

Beyonce leads the babies in their first week

Beyonce and Stealtha are co-raising the brood of 11 piglets. Individual pictures will come once they are a bit older, but for now, here they are!

Following Stealtha, now.
Stealtha nursing Cali and Beyonce babies on top of her own.