2018 Guardian Dog Litter

Selene x Duke

Selene Gazi Baba Volcanoes and Duke Silver od Montana welcomed their first litter on August 5th, 2018.

4 UKC Registered Sarplaninac pups are available for placement in October 2018 from Northwest Guardians!

Application to get on the list: Puppy App

Health Testing:
Duke Silver
PennHip results: No sign of OA, Mild risk of OA relative to all dog breeds.
Embark DNA Panel: CLEAR all 200+ Genetic diseases that Embark tests for.

Embark DNA Panel: CLEAR all 200+ Genetic diseases that Embark tests for.

Meet the Pups

4 Sarplaninac puppies, 2 weeks old

Pink Female

white female

purple female

red male

If you are interested in more information about the puppies, please fill out an application HERE and we will follow up with you! We make placement recommendations based on your level of experience, to match you to the right pup for you.  Our pups come microchipped, UTD on 5-way vaccines and deworming. We support our pups for life, meaning we are here to answer questions, give advice, and address your concerns now and in the future. 

Please do some research on the Sarplaninac breed. It is a mid-hard temperament breed that requires a job/purpose in life to be happy. These pups have the potential to be great ranch assets with the proper training. Like all working dogs, training/molding of behavior is required to hone their instincts into what you need for your property and family. These dogs are purpose bred, from working parents. Duke and Selene live outside with our goats, pigs and poultry 24-7-365. They enjoy their work and are diligent guardians. 

If you are looking for a working pup, these guys have had a solid start, exposed to goats, pigs, poultry and a horse. They have been handled by our human kids regularly, and have bite inhibition training.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, nat@livestockguardians.net or 4O6.53O.9O22