2 week Update – Infi x AXL

The 2019 Infi x AXL litter turns 2 weeks old today!

2 week old Lineup!

The pups are all doing great and eyes are opening! They are able to crawl around barriers (like Infi’s bum!) to get to what they want (teats). They are also able to crawl across the 6 ft length of the box pen if they decide another spot is superior. Vocalizations are very common, lots of baby growls, groans and yes, even barks and howls! Our ENS days are coming to a close and all pups are progressing wonderfully there.

Weight Chart Included Below for your reference. As you will note, there is no “runt” of the litter, rather growth groups. We are calling them the Heavyweights (Green and White), Midweights (Sky, Burgundy, and Yellow), and the Lightweights (Black, Blue, Purple and Orange).

Females (6)

Males (3)

We are still accepting applications for pups in case anyone on the reservation list is unable to be matched this litter. App: www.livestockguardians.net/app

If you have any questions about our program or this litter, please do Contact Us.

Thank you so much for your interest in our livestock guardian dog litter!