4 Week Update – Infi x AXL

The nine little monsters are 4 weeks old now! They waddle at higher speeds, growl and bark, and even howl along with the other dogs. The pen has been updated with two giant litter boxes with wood pellet bedding and they are doing well using them! Their den area is mostly clean, as desired.

Check out the Box setup here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtgafWInQ36/



The waitlist is pretty full for this litter, but you never know! Stuff happens in this world that causes people to wait for the next litter or go with a different litter, so if you are seriously interested in owning a Northwest Guardians puppy soon or in the future, fill out the app!

Thank you to everyone who has already applied! We are sorting applications now in anticipation of the 6 and 8 week puppy evaluations. Please remember, we do our best to place the best puppy in the best home fit for them. This may mean you don’t get offered the exact puppy you had your eye on! It is your right to pass on the pup you are offered, and opt to remain on the waitlist for the next litter or to be removed from the list.

In the end, color, markings, and other characteristics that stand out on our photos are not important in a working dog. As they say, a good dog doesn’t come in a bad color, and we place pups based on client experience level, setup and job for the puppy, as well as the puppy’s temperament, preferences towards humans and livestock, and a few other factors in our evaluations.