2020 Thurman Christmas Letter

2020 sure turned into something unexpected, didn’t it?

Once everything went to hell in March, the boys came home from school one fine Thursday, never to return. We have been homeschooling ever since, and all things considered it’s going… decently well.

As a family, we tried to keep everything a normal as possible for the boys. The modern homesteading lifestyle certainly prepares one for pandemic living. Our area of Montana has had cases, but nothing like the urban areas across the country. We are certainly blessed to live where we do!

We spent a lot of time playing and swimming in the creek this summer!

And of course we picked some Huckleberries.

When Sam isn’t helping me with the animals, he is learning to read and do simple math. Sambo is still into trains and building with Lego. He finally decided last month that it was time to let his Duplo collection go. He’s such a big kid! He also lost his two front teeth and is sporting a fancy grin.

Titus turned 9 in November and is growing rapidly. He is really enjoying the documentaries on Curiousity Stream and the “Drain the _____” series, or as I like to call it, “Modern NOVA.” Ty has claimed one of our spring kittens “Squeaks” and no matter how roughly pets her or carries her around like a rag doll, she adores him.

Tim completed his two biggest concrete projects to date in Utah and Montana this year- a walkout basement, stamped pad, stairs and an outdoor kitchen/fireplace for his Army buddy J, and a big poured/carved pond and waterfall for clients. He also completed a countertop and fireplace remodel for a friend of ours in California, plus some smaller projects here in Montana. Tim had a busy year!

As for me, I am building out the online course series for my livestock guardian dog clients to help them understand and utilize their dogs better. I’m working on my plans for 2021 with great hope that things will be better and we will be able to see you soon!

We have had a few hiccups with the dogs this year including the untimely death of Duke. He had inhaled grass seed as a younger dog that embedded in his lungs and formed scar tissue masses. We miss his face every day, but we see Duke in Wade and all the pups he left behind for us to love.

2020 wasn’t all bad! We did have a silver lining this year when our breeder friend offered Tanner to us. I drove to New Mexico to pick him up, and he is settling in now. Tanner is a good boy and a great example of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed. We are very happy to have him here and look forward to some great puppies from him!

Looking towards the new year, we will continue to homeschool the boys and work on the property and businesses.

We hope that by this time next year, we are able to spend the holidays with our extended family again.

Merry Christmas, and Happy 2021!

The Thurmans