Infi Litter Announcement – 4/18/21

Infi blessed us with 12 puppies on Sunday April 18th. Mom and all dozen pups are doing excellent!

This litter is a purpose-bred cross of livestock guardian dog breeds out of health tested, working parents!

About the Program:
Northwest Guardians has worked to provide quality LGD  puppies to our fellow homesteaders and ranchers to protect their livestock, family and properties since 2010.

All of our breeding dogs:
-work to protect our Kunekune pigs, Katahdin hair sheep, mini cows, chickens, rabbits, ducks, and now quail from the local predators.
-are screened for genetic diseases by EmbarkVet, and have Hip Xrays and other health testing done to assure that we are producing puppies from healthy parents and lines.
-are temperament tested and those who do not meet the Northwest Guardians standard for breeding are sold to working homes.
We do not breed every dog we purchase as a prospect.

All of our puppies are picked for their ideal home match from our reservation list. In order to be invited to reserve a place on this litter, you will need to APPLY for a puppy (you are not guaranteed a specific pup until week 8, see timeline below).

See the Puppies:
Individual pictures and Application:

Puppy Details:
Each Northwest Guardians puppy comes with a puppy packet that includes:
-Details on their parents (picture, health testing results, work history, etc.)
-Temperament/Work Aptitude Evaluation
-Health record from Veterinarian
-Deworming and Vaccine record
-Microchip Number
*NEW* Embark Panel printout for your pup!! Yes, we are gifting each client a DNA profile so you and your vet will know your puppy inside and out!

In addition to the puppy packet, each Northwest Guardians puppy also includes:
-Early Neurological Stimulation
-Early Scent Introduction
-Exposure to safe and controlled livestock to encourage the dog-stock bond.
-Safe handling by children, daily.
-Weekly puppy curriculum to build confidence and ease transitions to new homes.
-Started crate training for transport home, as well as future use for when confinement is necessary (heat cycle, injury, illness, wildfire or other need to evacuate, etc.)

The Price:
The price for a puppy from Infi‘s litter is $1500 USD.
There is a $500 reservation fee due by 5/2 (though you may miss a spot if you wait).
The balance of $1000 is due by 6/27 (10 weeks
old) unless you opt to pay cash at pickup. No checks or digital payments
are accepted day-of pickup.

The timeline for this litter is:
4/18 – Happy Birthday!
5/2 – 2 weeks old, reservation fee of $500 due for a pup in this litter.
5/16 – 4 weeks old, Puppies move outside with Infi, piglet, chicken and lamb penmates.
6/6-6/12 – 7 weeks old, Puppies visit the Vet for a checkup, Puppy Temperament and Work Aptitude Evaluations
6/13-6/19 – 8 weeks old, Puppy recommendations made for those with a holding fee paid. You have 24 hours to accept or pass on your puppy.
6/26-6/27 – 10 weeks old, Puppies can go home with experienced adult
LGDs in place or family/property guardian homes.
*$1000 balance due by 6/27 if paying digitally or by check. Cash at pickup is allowed.*
7/10-7/11 – 12 weeks old, Puppies go home to all homes unless otherwise

But I can’t come pick up my puppy:
While in-person pickup is our preference, Air and Groud transportation of your puppy is available with the additional cost of Vet Certificate, Crate and Transport fees. Please let Natalie know if you will need transport ASAP!

Have more questions?
Contact Natalie: Nat at

4 thoughts on “Infi Litter Announcement – 4/18/21

  1. Andrea Cole Lynch says:

    Hello, I am in search of an Anatolian or other dependable mix for our little ranch where I need protection from the predator load. We are nestled in the forested area in Haskill Basin in Whitefish with two horses and 4 small rescue dogs. Do you have any pups available or are they all spoken for? I am also interested in training me and the pup. Thanks, Andi Lynch

    1. Nat says:

      Hi Andi, that sounds like a beautiful property! I got your application and just left you a voicemail! Look forward to chatting with you. Nat

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