They are
our passion


In 2010 we moved to Montana with our mini dairy goat herd. We brought home our first LGD pup the same day!

Since then we have grown the pack of guardian dogs working with our herd to keep the wolves, bears, and cougars away. Conflicts, while rare, can happen! When they do, we support our dogs with proper veterinary care and treatment.


We are focused on working livestock guardian dogs and breeding health-tested dogs with stellar instincts.

Northwest Guardians was started to support our livestock and family security here in Montana, but has grown into breeding healthy, strong LGDs to support the stock and families of our friends and clients. 

THE Process

We usually have a litter of pups each year. Each home is pre-approved on our waitlist prior to placement.

We will let our reservation list know before the public when we have confirmed pregnancy.

The family behind
the dogs

Natalie Thurman

Ranch Manager, Operations

Nat grew up loving animals. She even wanted to be a Veterinarian for the first 2 decades of her life. She went to college for Animal Science and decided that Vet School wasn’t the right plan for her. She uses what she learned at Cal Poly to support the ranch operation and select breeding stock. Her passion for animal husbandry is apparent to everyone she meets, and she is a big advocate for proper education, selection, and training of working livestock guardian dogs through her LGD Online School founded in 2020.

“Responsible stewardship is important to me. I believe that the animals in my care have a right to security. Native predators also have a right to live where they have always been. To balance these seemingly conflicting beliefs, I employ livestock guardian dogs to protect my stock by deterring predators from becoming a problem for stock or people here. It’s imperative to have the right dog for the right job, and I have a pack of them!”

The Thurman Family

The whole family works together to raise, train and support the animals here! 

Early exposure to young children helps our pups be well-adjusted and prepared for their future families. The boys participate in all aspects of the breeding program, and want to have their own pups one day!

Our program hinges on the cooperation of our family unit.