Are you Tired of sifting through the overwhelming sea of conflicting information about livestock guardian dogs?

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Seeing things that don't make logical sense.

What If...

there was a way you could solve all these problems?

If You Are...

Ready to have a consistent, accountable LGD information.

done with the conflict and Ego of Facebook/Forums.

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You just found your answer:
The LGD Online All Access Pass!

Natalie, the Founder of Livestock Guardian Dogs Online, with two of her Sarplaninac

The LGD Online All Access Pass Is...

Created and taught by a Trainer who has used LGDs in Montana for 10+ years.

Growing Every Month

Based on Real world Experience.

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1/3rd the price of one course!

For only $49/month, you can learn all about livestock guardian dogs, troubleshoot your issues, and get exclusive expert support!

What's Included...

~ Current Courses & Mini Classes

~ LIVE Q&A Twice/Month

~ Exclusive Email Support

~ Progress Badges

~ Early Access to New Content


Natalie at BEST is one of the most educated dog owners and breeders I know. She works tirelessly in an effort to educate the public regarding all things related to responsible livestock guardian dog ownership and handling practices. I’m so glad she is offering this online training to benefit all LGD owners.

– Laura

I wish this Access Pass was available when I was just starting out with my farm. I could have saved myself so much time, money and frustration by Getting my LGD from the right source.

Natalie really knows her stuff, and I’m so glad to be able to know her now. I’m looking forward to more courses and the certification tests.

– Carrie

Natalie of Northwest Guardians understands that everyone is different and every dog is unique. This shows in her training advice and analysis setup built into her courses to support us where we are. Thank you Nat.

– Michelle