We are no longer breeding Sarplaninac dogs. We have transitioned to AKC Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to protect our stock and property. If you are looking for a livestock guardian dog for your family or livestock, please visit our Apex Anatolians website for more information:

Still want a Sarplaninac?

We made the tough decision in 2020 to stop breeding Sarplaninac due to multiple factors.

1. The lack of health testing amongst the breeding pool in North America is glaring. After three years of searching we were unable to bring in any unrelated Shars from reputable North American breeders who work and health test the parents, and temperament test their puppies. 

2. We did not want to import from the Balkans again, as the communication was tough, and the experience we had was ultimately negative due to the breeder’s business practices. 

3.  The trajectory of the breed in the US given the current breeding practices is not good. Breeders producing puppies with aggression issues, joint disease, and marketing through misleading salesmanship are putting the breed in jeopardy.

The ONLY solution to this trend is for the BUYERS to educate themselves on the red flags of irresponsible breeding practices and NOT support these breeders with their dollars. 

Before you purchase a Sarplaninac, please be mindful of who you are giving your money to. There are many snakes in the grass.

We recommend reaching out to Louise Liebenberg (Grazerie) or Jacquie Turuk (Shars and Sheep) for well-bred Sarplaninac. These are reputable, long-term Shar breeders who produce solid health and temperament pups and stand by their clients for the life of their dogs.