Duke Silver od Montana
UKC Sarplaninac Dog

Duke was whelped here in Montana out of a Hungarian import dog and a domestic bitch on an Angora goat operation up in the Bitterroot mountains.

He came to Northwest Guardians at 20 months old in 2015 after we lost Dierks to a work injury.

Health Testing Information:
Duke’s DNA screening results: http://embk.me/dukesilverodmontana
Clear of DM – The only OFA Recommended genetic disease test for Sarplaninac
167 Genetic diseases Embark screened: Carries 0, At risk of 0, Affected by 0.

Duke’s Hip Clearance:
PennHIP: No sign osteoarthritis in either hip, mild risk of developing OA in the future. Compared with all dog breeds (lack of 20 Sarplaninac submissions).

Duke was our lead dog, upholding order in the pens from 2015 to 2020. As COVID hit in 2020, Duke started to cough, too. It turned out that he had foreign body masses in his lungs from inhaling cheat grass seeds. Since we do not have any cheat grass on our property, we think this must have happened at his breeder’s property as a young dog. Duke passed away at our veterinarian’s office as we checked in for another re-check appointment. After a full necropsy was performed, we brought Duke home to rest on his favorite spot. We miss him every day.

In the beginning…
It took a year or so for Duke to come around to the pigs after living exclusively with goats for his first 20 months, but he learned that they are important to the farm and protected the pigs like the funny, grunty, squatty goats he thought they were.

Duke gave us two cross and 3 purebred litters in his breeding career over the 5 years we had him. Many of his progeny are working in Montana, and many others are all over the continent protecting their stock and families.

He was a serious, steadfast dog with the biggest heart for his stock and pack mates.

Duke was our foundation sire for our Sarplaninac program and sets a high standard for work ethic, temperament, and conformation.