Are you thinking about getting a livestock guardian dog?

Do you even need one (or more)? And if you do- how will you make sure you raise it correctly?

Have you searched social media and found the conflicting information to be overwhelming?

I want to help you!

My name is Natalie, and I love livestock guardian dogs.

I live with my family and a happy assortment of livestock in Western Montana. We have lived and worked alongside large apex predators for a decade now. The LGDs are what make this all possible.

I would not have the security and confidence to bring in high-value livestock if it were not for my dogs. They are my business partners, my security force, my friends. We have a mutual, unspoken bond and respect for one another. That is what makes my dream of modern homesteading work.

As much as I love these dogs, I know that they are not right for every person/situation. Check out this introduction video to figure out of an LGD is a good match for you AND stay to the end to get your Predator Score assessment!