Northwest Guardians Wade
UKC Sarplaninac Dog

Wade was born here at Northwest Guardians in August of 2018 in our first Sarplaninac litter from Selene and Duke.

Health Testing Information:
Wade’s DNA screening results:  
Clear of DM – The only OFA Recommended genetic disease test for Sarplaninac
174 Genetic diseases Embark screened: Carries 0, At risk of 0, Affected by 0.

Wade’s other testing:
PennHIP: Right DI: 0.27 Left DI: 0.28 No sign of OA or cavitation.
OFA Elbow: Prelim-Normal (22 months)
OFA Patella: Normal – SAR-PA1/22M/P-NOPI
OFA Cardiac:  Normal – SAR-CA3/22M/P-NOPI

The only male in his litter, Wade stood out as the dominant pup early on. As he matured, we saw the traits we are aiming for here in temperament building and decided to retain him for our breeding program. He grew up here with his parents and the rest of the NWG pack. He has learned some tough lessons from Duke- like “No, you cannot be the boss here” and “You back off my girls when they smell good.”

With the untimely loss of Duke, Wade has stepped up into a leadership role in 2020. Since passing all health testing with flying colors, we are considering stud service to select, tested female Sarplaninac. 

All-in-all, we are very happy with how Wade has developed over his first two years. 

Wade is bonded to the goats and sheep here. He has grown into an exceptional example of the Sarplaninac breed, fitting the breed standard we value in stature and temperament.

Things that set Wade apart:
He is discerning under pressure, and works to deescalate conflict before they become problems. 
He is balanced in temperament and trustworthy to take cues from his people regarding potential threats and visitors. 
His dedication to the stock and pack is strong.
Through his sometimes awkward growth spurts, he has finished into a physically sound dog.
He had his first tangle with a cougar at 13 months and worked well with the pack to keep the stock safe.

The vuka/wolf mask is just a bonu